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     Modvier had its soft launch on March 18, 2014. The Islamic Fashion Festival Founder, Dato Seri Raja Rezza Shah officiated the opening where many VIPs, designers, bloggers, celebrities and media were also present. Some of the guests included Yuna, a Hollywood singer who attended all the way from the USA. Alyah, a local singer sang 2 songs. The soft launch was featured in Nona TV3, Safiyya TV9, Nona Magazine, The Star newspaper and a wide variety of other media coverage. At that time, Modvier had 20 online brands which included some celebrity brands. Calaqisya, Bella Ammara, Jubah Souq, Mazlianul Maznan, 14 November by YUNA, Radiusite, Rina Salleh Clothing, Minaz, Tudung People, Wafiyya, Sugarscarf, Eliya Boutique, Fleur Malaysia, Ladorn, FCC were among them.

     During the soft launch event, many customers thought it was a bazaar and were unfamiliar with the concept of a multi- label store. Having 20 top online brands under one roof was a new concept, both for vendors and customers alike. More than 3000 customers came to our opening, which was assisted by only 4 staff members. The then 20 vendors helped with sales and customer service. Within a year, Modvier expanded rapidly, prompting a relocation across the road. With this new frontal location, it guaranteed more parking space to accommodate the large number of customers. More vendors became part of the Modvier family ad as part of the expansion, From a customer’s perspective, this expansion meant that there was a large variety of vendors and price ranges. The products that were available to consumers also increased compared to Modvier’s humble beginnings. From providing only clothing to expanding into bags, accessories, makeup, skincare and shoes, Modvier now have 80 vendors altogether in our Bangsar store.

     In December 2015, we expanded to the east coast in Kuantan. Being in a shopping mall, the Modvier Kuantan branch is a bigger location, housing 67 vendors. Now, with a staggering 158 brands under Modvier, we are only growing bigger. As a leading vendor boutique, we want to be able to accommodate everyone. To increase the accessibility of Modvier around the world, our site provides a platform for customers to purchase clothing, accessories, and whatever else they fancy. Also, as part of our site, we will review and discuss products, and give more insights into the brands we have under Modvier. 

Before Modvier opened in Bangsar, Bangsar was only known as an elite shopping hub for high end designers. Modvier broke the mould and created a shopping hub for midrange customers with a tailored focus towards modest women. Furthermore, Modvier has improved in providing brands a platform to market their products with the concept of customer and rizq sharing. For example, a Bella Ammara’s customer ould ome to buy their latest jubah and pair it with a matching hijab from Radiusite. This feeling of community and belonging is what unites modest women. Modvier not only became a platform for brands to sell their products, branding and marketing but has also nurtured so many new upcoming brands like Kree, Ilham Echenta, Bella Ammara, Naelofar by Naelofa, and Tudung Ruffle. These brands and many others grew bigger and more stable after being under the Modvier wing. Modvier has remained true to our principles to provide the best services for brands. Our services range from providing railing and rental space, stocks and inventory services, to marketing on all social media accounts.

     At Modvier, we also creatively match brands through placement of products, ironing and more. Along with those services, we also have PR and communications, event management, and photo and video services. Our vendors, also known as our Modvier family members, network amongst each other and as a result, form new connections, create new business opportunities and collaborations. Some vendors also created other multi label stores, becoming success stories in their own right. From our vendor network, two of our vendors created the biggest festival in Malaysia, Mood Republik, and have consequently created and gained millions of customers. Modvier has been featured on all TV, magazine, newspaper, and radio stations all over Malaysia. Modvier has also created an international platform called Modvier International, to help launch brands overseas. Their latest venture is with Pure London. Modvier will be opening their exclusive high end store, a gift for their vendors and customers, providing an amazing shopping experience with affordable items. Modvier has been a part of the rapid growth of the modest fashion industry in Malaysia, but we are most proud of our relationships with all of our vendors and helping them grow side by side with us.

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