whats in my big bag?

So, flying on a jet plane

What do i need?

Sugarscarf‘s Instant Madison Shawl : its easy to st12143304_1021719007850780_1904730206220737899_nyle, only one pin is needed, comfortable and minimal ironing needed

Darshah’s Snake Skin Clutch Bag : comes with a strap for casual outings and strapless for a glam night out!

Verystyle Vintage’s Chunky Necklace : add that extra umphhhh to my outfit

FCC Malaysia’s Perfume : Of course one needs to always carry one!

The Bean Rush : Lips Scrub , especially when travelling u tend to get dehydrated easily, so this is the perfect solutions for chap lips ( psssttt the coffee flavour and smell is just TDF! )

CHUNK IN ALL IN MY HUGE SUNKISSED YELLOW SAKURA MALAYSIA BAG ( with a longer strap for easy wearing yeays ) . its leather, just use baby wipes if it gets dirty. how easy right?





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